No Fault Divorce Procedures in the State of Mississippi

No Fault Divorce in the state of Mississippi

The state of Mississippi presents to you various opportunities that follow you all the way to your divorce. A no fault divorce implies that you need to have 'irreconcilable differences' as a criteria for your divorce. And that you and your partner just can't reach an agreement that would justify you being with your spouse anymore. And if you want to understand the various parameters that govern all the considerations of making your life a successful journey to and through the divorce then you have to prepare yourself to embrace all the considerations of making it work. The no fault divorce was first implemented in the state of California in the year 1969, and many other states followed implementation of the new age divorce laws. According to the law the new divorce laws would help the individuals have a fair divorce which stands on the fundamental of providing care and relief to each other. One has to accept that a divorce is a relief from all that you can do without. If you see that the person in front of you doesn't change no matter how much you have changed for them then there is no point in hanging on to it.

The Issue of Residency:

Residency issues of the state account for certain conformity to the laws that have been pressed on to the minds of the people through the court. The couple must have lived in the state of Mississippi for 6 months at least. And it is must for people to understand that either of the spouses should have lived in the state for a minimum of six months. If one of the spouses is stationed elsewhere due to their commitment to armed forces and the like then you still have the right to apply for a divorce in the state.

A Note on the Forms:

If you have to climb the ladder of responsibility that you bear towards your spouse and your children then you have to do it yourself and you can't hope for assistance from anything else but good intentions. And in case you are traveling through the highest of obstacles that you have faced so far then all you have to do is submit yourself to your ability to be good. Either of the spouses has to apply to the County Chancery Court, the office of the clerk precisely. As you fill the form the court is acknowledged of the various possessions that you and your partner hold together. The most important bearing of the form is the reason for you to seek divorce and other matters related to assets, and importantly what you are seeking from the divorce. The various general facts on marriage are also listed in the form as you fill it. Once you are through with submitting your form, a notice for your spouse about your intention to have a divorce has to be made clear.

Once the complaint has been sent, then the spouse who filed the petition is known as the complainant and the spouse who receives the complaint is known as the defendant. The defendant can either contest the complaint or leave it uncontested. If the defendant denies his/her right to contest any complaint for the divorce then it is understood that the defendant is in tune with the various reasons that have been laid out in the form as a reason for divorce.

The Divorce Settlement Agreement:

As soon as the divorce complaint reaches the defendant there are two paths that the divorce can go by, it can either be contested or not be contested. If the divorce is uncontested it means that the person who has been sent the divorce notice agrees with the various details discussed in the form, the divorce application. If the divorce is contested then it has to be settled by the court and it has to field the various analysis of what truth might be. If the couple disagrees with each other on the grounds for divorce then it moves on to the trial. However, a no fault divorce application has enabled one to fulfill the desire of having a divorce without much ado by simply applying for a no fault procedure after it fulfills the requirements. And a no fault divorce carries the flag of a responsible adulthood, in which both the person understand the need for a fair trial in each other's lives. And you have to find a lawyer who understands the truth as it stands and one who keeps the interest of the two in mind.

The Mississippi laws on divorce are pretty relaxed and the procedure call for an active participation from the individuals who are to be divorced. The primary motivation behind a divorce is that the interests of both the parties concerned are taken care off in the best means possible. And you have to find that you are recognized for your intentions by the court, so work on your attitude no matter how tragic or perishing your story is. center>

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